Cyber Essentials Scheme

Give your clients security assurance by earning a government approved accreditation

The government created a cyber security scheme for businesses to prove that they are following the best practices when it comes to protecting their business and its data.

Cyber Essentials

Bitwiz can help your organisation make the cut of achieving Cyber Essentials status, which involves auditing your hardware and software environment to ensure they meet the required standards of modern security set out by the scheme. We will make corrections where necessary to achieve a pass result.

By attaining Cyber Essentials you earn a level of certified security for your business that you can tell your customers about.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Containing all the steps above, the Cyber Essentials Plus certification also involves an external vulnerability scan and a visit from an independent security officer. They will verify the entire specification in-person and perform additional checks on select devices at random. This audit, although more expensive, will give your organisation greater piece of mind that the correct protections are in place to secure your data.

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