Microsoft Teams

Did you know that Teams has been around since 2017?

2020 was the year that businesses around the world needed something to facilitate their communication from remote locations due to the pandemic. This shift in working has been great for the tech industry in that it has expedited the development of such systems, and we believe Teams is the best overall productivity tool or video calling software for your business. Not only is it a great application, but its accessibility is also a driving factor – it is included with all Microsoft basic or above licensing plans so that everyone can have access.

2020 may have been great for getting people to use Teams, but not so much for a full and proper implementation of the product. Teams is more than just a video call software, and Bitwiz aims to educate businesses and their people to ensure they are getting the full benefit.

Become a Teams player.

We want to demonstrate the value of Microsoft Teams, beyond video calling.

  • Collaborate with other businesses using Teams
  • Get people involved who aren’t using Teams
  • Share files internally and externally
  • Gain an understanding of the underlying tech that makes Teams work and integrate across M365
  • Help you create technical policies to prevent data duplication and poor organisation
  • Keep you up-to-date with how Teams is shaping the world of remote collaboration

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