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We think that bad WiFi is one of the most aggravating productivity problems to have, and that’s why we’re pleased to say that designing a tip top solution is somewhat regarded as a hobby of ours!

Bitwiz can audit your current environment to work out what is causing the dark spots and bring life to them using products offered by Ubiquiti Inc.

Whether you have a warehouse, outdoor facilities or a small office, we can help by implementing some of the best kit in the business giving you the speed and coverage required for your work. Additionally this can be cloud managed too, meaning we can monitor your network in real-time and be alerted to service quality problems right away.

Please note, your WiFi access to the internet can only be as fast as the line speed offered by your internet service provider, so check that first to see if that’s your problem.

WiFi has to work on your device.

We use diagnostic tools built right into Windows 10 to try and determine the root cause of a connection problem.

You can even run your own tests using the WiFiMan app from Ubiquiti Networks. If you see poor results, we can help put that right.

Using this information allows us to measure the real-world difference we make during an improvement project on the devices you use for work every day.

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